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Top Ten Tuesday: Books On My Autumn 2020 TBR List

Top Ten Tuesday is a list challenge hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl . This week's post is about the books that I want to read this coming Autumn (it's actually my Fall 2020 list but I'm Irish so Autumn it is!) With Autumn comes Halloween, so there's a few creepy books on my list, because you can't have Halloween without a bit if a scare. But there's a few less spooky ones as well.

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‘The Other Passenger,’ by Louise Candlish: Book Review

On 27th December 2019, Jamie Buckby is stopped by police as he gets off the Thames Riverboat on his way to work. His friend Kit, who normally joins him on the riverboat commute, is missing, and Jamie was the last person to see him. Jamie is adamant that he knows nothing about Kit's disappearance, he was alive and well when Jamie left him. But the police have been told by another passenger that they were seen arguing.

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‘Into the Water,’ by Paula Hawkins: Book Review

The Drowning Pool is a notorious spot in Beckford for women meeting their end. Years ago, it was where the townspeople would drown people under suspicion of witchcraft. In more recent years, it's where many go to end their own lives by suicide. Nel Abbott is one of these women, or so it's believed when her body is found at the bottom of the Drowning Pool.

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‘Mystery Follows Her: A Cozy Mystery Multi-Author Collection’: Book Review

A collection of cozy mystery short stories from various authors. A woman tries to catch a mugger who stole a brooch from a dear old lady in one story. Another story sees a disgraced woman leaving her home town and moving to Hawaii, only to have her backpack stolen from the beach. While elsewhere, an army chaplain has to figure out who shot a Private and why.

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‘The Devil and the Dark Water,’ by Stuart Turton: Book Review

It's 1634 and the United East India Company's ship the Saardam is starting its journey from Batavia to Amsterdam with some special cargo on board. As well as a cargo hold full of spices, the ship is also home to Samuel Pipp, a famous detective who has been arrested and is being brought to Amsterdam for trial. With him is his partner and sworn protector, Arent Hayes who is determined to prove Pipp innocent to the Governer who had him arrested.

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Top Ten Tuesday: Books that Make Me Hungry

Top Ten Tuesday is a list challenge hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. This week's list is Books that Make me Hungry. I've included some books that make me want chocolate whenever I think about them, some series that make me want food I'd probably never actually touch, a few cookbooks because they definitely count, and a bonus book that actually put me off food. Enjoy!